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Having served our Erie and Niagara County, NY clients for over thirty years, we have discovered our clients often have questions prompted by current articles in the news. This leads them to think about their own situation and to formulate pressing questions.

Our staff is tasked with finding ‘news you can use’ to further inform you on the legal topics that matter most to you.

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Buffalo Business First reports an increase in bankruptcy filings in Western New York:

In September, the number of bankruptcy cases totaled 264 in the eight-county region – up 13.8 percent from the same month last year, according to new data from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Western District of New … Read More

Buffalo Business First wants us to know about recently signed legislation that simplifies the manner in which disabled New Yorkers may create Supplemental Needs Trusts:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently signed legislation that simplifies the manner in which disabled New Yorkers may create Supplemental Needs Trusts. In order to fully appreciate … Read More

We encourage you to take a look at Help With Home-Care Bills – Consumer Reports

You’ll find often overlooked ways to ease financial burden including government programs, taking advantage of tax breaks, not giving up on Medicaid eligibility and more:
Consumer Reports shares important information on home-care bills. … Read More

Business Insider shares How to know if your marriage will end in divorce, according to science

Factors include:  Getting married in your teens or after age 32, Having a husband who doesn’t work full-time, Not finishing high school, Showing contempt for your partner, Being overly affectionate as … Read More

Long Island Business News shares  Berkowitz: Prenuptial agreements can work for both partners
Berkowitz:  Having your partner request that you sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage can often be a nerve-wracking and confusing experience.  Some people are offended by the mere concept and feelings can be … Read More shares NY Appeals Panel Recognizes ‘Presumption of Legitimacy’ for Children of Same-Sex Marriages
In a decision some gay-rights lawyers are calling a landmark, a state appeals court has recognized for the first time that New York state’s family law “presumption of legitimacy”—which says that a child … Read More shares  DWI arrests decreasing following first month of ridesharing  Fewer people are winding up in handcuffs after a night out drinking as both police and the district attorney are reporting seeing a drop in cases.
“There aren’t as many DWI arrests and that’s fantastic news,” said Trooper … Read More

NPR shares Busted: What Happens When Shoplifters Get Caught?  Guests include Brad Bishop, professor, Cumberland School of Law at Samford University and Ann Zimmerman, retail reporter, Wall Street Journal:
As the holidays get underway, retailers go on high alert against shoplifters. Cases spike at this time of the … Read More shares 6 major reasons why people divorce. Infidelity, Money problems, Addictions, Extraordinary situations, Incompatibility, and Irreconcilable differences are detailed:
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by the first five years of marriage, 22 percent of couples experience some form of “marital disruption,” which refers to separation, divorce … Read More shares why credit cards can be a first step after bankruptcy as well as how to get back on your feet, step by step:
There’s a catch-22 in credit: It’s easiest to get it when you already have it. Informed consumers who want to get back on their feet after … Read More

The New York State Senate has passed legislation to require mandatory jail sentences for repeat DWI offenders.

The New York State Senate has passed legislation to crack down on auto insurance fraud which has led to injuries – even death – for innocent victims and costs hundreds of millions of dollars a year in higher premiums.

The New York State Senate has passed legislation known as Teresita’s Law, which makes it a felony if an unlicensed driver causes death to another person.

The New York State Senate today gave final passage to a bill that would help make it easier and less expensive for legal guardians caring for the elderly or other relatives living out-of-state to carry out their responsibilities.

In an effort to keep serial drunk drivers off the road, the New York State Senate today passed “Vince’s Law”, which would establish a stronger penalty for multiple DWI convictions.

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