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The phrases “elder law” and “senior law” have become popular in recent years. Because the terms are relatively new, many people believe that there is a new and distinct area of legal doctrine involving older individuals, and in some respects this is correct.

However much of what we think of as elder law really involves the application of general legal principles to specific situations which concern older individuals. For example, real estate law for the most part does not very at all based on the age of the parties to a transaction. Yet older individuals can benefit from certain types of transfers, which can be designed to maximize their security, save future Estate costs and preserve the favorable property tax treatment.

Medicaid programs present a further example. Most benefits have nothing to do with a recipients age. Yet many older individuals will eventually rely on this program to cover some or all of their in patient skilled nursing care. While the rules would be largely the same regardless of age, eligibility considerations are usually most important to elderly and infirm individuals as well as their adult children.

It is important for a law firm to have experience in many areas of law which, when taken together, provide a solid basis for advising older individuals and their younger family members.

We are proud to make Elder Law a central part of our practice.

We value representing older individuals in Social Security, Medicare and pension matters, nursing home problems, disability and discrimination. Seniors and those approaching senior status deserve society’s gratitude, appreciation, and respect. It is an honor to work for the rights of older individuals who are denied benefits.

Careful analysis and strategic thinking

Helping Seniors plan for their future involves careful analysis and strategic thinking. Real estate transfers, the creation of Trusts, Will preparation, application for benefits and tax planning can help older folks keep what they have accumulated after a lifetime of hard work and allow them to relax and enjoy their retirement years.

We handle many issues that weigh on a Senior’s mind with targeted legal assistance such as a Health Care Proxy, Power of Attorney, or Living Will among others. These are all written documents that allow a person to make important decisions at a time when he or she is able to carefully consider choices.

Contact us to discuss any matter affecting older folks as their health and well being matters greatly to us.

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