Supreme Court, Erie County

Supreme Court, Erie County

Erie County Supreme Court

92 Franklin Street Buffalo, NY 14202

A brief description of the New York Supreme Court:

Although we usually think of a “Supreme Court” as the highest Court of a given system, in New York State the Supreme Court is actually the beginning point for most serious cases.This court is a Court of general jurisdiction, with the authority to hear matters of any kind.  Although there are many city, town and village courts in New York, most significant matters end up in the Supreme Court.

This court handles:

– Felonies
– Cases for more than $25,000 in money damages
– Divorce, separation, and annulment
– Cases to stop, regulate, or supervise private or governmental activities.

Specialty Courts & Programs:

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Commercial Division
Expedited Matrimonials
Integrated Domestic Violence
Summary Jury Trial Program
Uncontested Divorce Packet
Eighth Judicial District Court Resource Center

The Eighth Judicial District Court Resource Center employs a staff attorney and a court clerk to provide free legal and procedural information to the public.
Law Library

Phone Numbers

General Info:     (716) 845-9300 Fax:     (716) 851-3293


9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Parking and additional information

Public parking near courthouse buildings. Route 190N, Exit 7 to downtown Buffalo. View Larger Map

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