Bankruptcy & Debt

Sign Of The Times - Foreclosure
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Services include:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
►Protection of Assets
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
►Garnishment of Wages
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
►Alternatives to Bankruptcy

Working with those in financial trouble involves not only knowledge of the law, but a firm grasp of the marketplace, consumer lending, banking, and other variables that can affect a client’s financial decisions.

We provide alternatives

As we work with individuals and families in financial trouble, we provide a range of alternatives, taking into account individual preferences and sensitivities. Sometimes our intervention with one or more creditors can be enough to resolve a difficult financial situation. At other times, bankruptcy is the only alternative.

Bankruptcy is a Federal Court legal proceeding that can cancel many or even all of a person’s debts. Usually we can help save a home, car or other property while discharging most if not all other debt.

There are two principal types of individual bankruptcy filings, widely referred to as Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  Both types can substantially help those in debt, but one type or the other may provide significant advantages in certain circumstances.

We can help you overcome the struggles of financial burdens by finding an appropriate, well-planned solution that is right for you.

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