Estates & Trusts


Services include:

►Simple and Complex Wills
►Estate Administration
►Estate Litigation
►Trust Agreements
►Probate Proceedings
►Surrogate’s Court Proceedings
►Estate Planning
►Will Contests
►Article 81 Guardianships

When a person passes away, the law allows for the creation of an “Estate.” This Estate consists of all property of any kind. A process begins and includes locating, liquidating and otherwise preparing the Estate for distribution. The Estate of a deceased person is distributed according to the terms of a Last Will, or according to NYS Law if no Will exists. The person who is empowered to handle this task is known as an Executor or Administrator. People who receive property from an estate are called legatees or beneficiaries.

Our growing practice focuses intently on estate matters.

The term “Probate” is simply the process by which a deceased person’s property is handed down either by law or according to a will.
Our growing practice focuses intently on estate matters. We represent individuals and families in many roles. Whether you are seeking to administer an Estate, have been named in a will, or believe you might be entitled to receive property, we can guide you through the process to a successful resolution.

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