Criminal & DWI

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Services include:

Traffic Summonses
►Probation Violations
Driving While Intoxicated
►Housing Court
►Driving While Impaired
►City Court
►Town and Village Ordinances
►All Misdemeanors & Felony Cases
►License Suspensions and Revocations
►All Federal State and Local Court Matters

“Am I a criminal?”  This question haunts more individuals than you might think.  For most of our clients, the answer is NO.

It happens.

Many people face charges (an accusation) at some point in their lives. Most individuals are not convicted of most charges that are filed against them.  Whether you or a loved one is accused of DWI, shoplifting, a traffic offense or other charges like assault, drug offenses, larceny, fraud or a sex offense, the way your case is handled may have a major impact on the rest of your life.

Our approach to every criminal case, from a traffic offense to a homicide, has a common path. Facts of the case must be explored in detail and the law must be analyzed according to the unique facts of the case at hand. Many cases can be dismissed on technical grounds or because a person’s rights were violated. Some cases which appear serious are “overcharged” and allegations are reduced to less serious offenses. In some instances a “mountain of evidence” is just an illusion.

We negotiate relentlessly

We apply our knowledge and experience to defend each case based on its specifics. We negotiate relentlessly and argue before the court tirelessly, never forgetting the importance of our every action to each client. We are always available for a confidential consultation on any actual or potential criminal accusation.

Experience, skill and endless determination

No lawyer can ever guarantee the outcome of any given case. However, we can promise to use our lengthy experience, skill and endless determination to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

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